Born in Washington, D.C., Julie Abramson has spent the majority of her life residing in Maryland. Early on in Julie's childhood, she expressed an interest in art.

Mrs. Abramson earned her B.F.A. in Illustration from Rhode Island School of Design and then proceeded to attend the Post-Baccalaureate Program at Maryland Institute, College of Art.

A prevailing theme in Mrs. Abramson’s paintings is her blend of her expressive lines and vibrant colors. Her portfolio consists of a variety of impressionistic character studies. Julie’s painting style may be viewed as traditional, while her imagery is more contemporary. This blending of the old and new is a refreshing approach to often seen subject matter, drawing free loose brush strokes coupled with her vibrant palette enliven the subject matter, engaging the viewer. Her imagery is drawn from sources encompassing many aspects of public life she finds.

Artists who have influenced Julie include Charles Bragg, Steve Brodner, Al Hirschfeld, Sebastian Kruger, David Levine, Jack Levine, Edward Sorel and Arthur Szyk.

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Please email Julie at juliejules111@hotmail.com or call 301.871.6528 for more information.